Are There Shortcuts?

Yes, and no! Mostly, no.

This grandma opted for a right masectomy in 2013. I tell you what, when you hear the words "breast cancer" head in your direction... you want it gone.  At that time in my life, I was not even close to eating healthy or whole, not too mention macrobiotic. Did I want to take the long, hard process of getting on the slow train of healthy eating to rid myself of a less than 2cm lump with surrounding questionable areas? The lump biopsied cancerous.  I didn't even wait to have the questionable areas biopsied.

I chose the short cut ... take it out or take it off.

Six weeks post op, the prognosis from the oncologist was indeed the lesser of all the cancer treatment evils. I did not need radiation, I did not need chemotherapy, but I was highly encouraged to take the hormone blocker Letrozole for five years. My burden to bear side effects: weight gain and bone density deterioration.

Hello Shaklee vitamins, winters in Florida, a treadmill, a pretty healthy diet and weight gain.

I needed a shortcut. 

Enter Isagenix. 

In September of 2016 I started with an Isagenix nutritional package: two shakes a day, a sensible dinner and 4 cleanse/fast days a month. 18 lbs and 30 inches later, I'm still on the program and I will tell you why.

It's not the weight loss, or even the inches (although I'm thrilled) it's how I feel! I've lost almost all sweet and salty cravings, I'm hardly ever hungry, and I feel like I could conquer the world. I used to nap every day, and cleaning up the kitchen gave me a lower back ache. Now I power nap (15 min) about once a week and I can clean with enough energy left over to redecorate or repaint a whole house. I had trouble getting off the couch and Facebook. Now I walk everyday and my favortie thing to do on the computer is iChat with grandkids.

I wanted to share this part of my story with you because I want to encourage you on this journey.  I am a firm believer in eating less, but I'm also keenly aware that overeating is not how we all got here. I'm not suggesting that eating healthy will cure a cancer or blaming the food industry for all our pounds, BUT somehow, somewhere along the line we got our digestive systems whacked out and it is a long and hard road back. 

So is Isagenix a short cut? Yes and no! Mostly, no.  It's a whole new mindset. It's a cleansing syseten to remove toxins. It's a nutritional replacement drink. And it's just what I needed to get this grandma healthy, so I wanted to share with you.