Charmed, I'm Sure

Look what I stumbled upon on while out pickin' in Manatee County.  Charms of Leffingwell.  Their website does not do it justice.  This is not a drive-by.

I LOVE color and non-typical antique stores, so I googled antiques in Manatee County and I have enough fodder for weeks to come.  I think I'll call it Tuesday's Trails ... or Junkers Junkit ... give me a minute, I'll think of something.  I hauled out the good camera and told the owners, they'd be featured on my lifestyle blog.

This place is everything colorful, retro, vintage, industrial and antiquey.  A picker's paradise. {More alteration, maybe I'll call my gallvanting ... Picker's Paradise Parade}. If you're looking for typical head to The Feedstore Antique Mall {if you do webdesign ... we could use you down here} and Magnolia Antique Mall  {lots of glass, I did drive by this one just because of their poor website.}out on 301N.  I will go back to those, but it wasn't really what I was looking for this Tuesday.  I wanted a story to tell.

Charms is plethora of gardens, workshop, a tea room, and two floors of a Victorian beaut. Not kidding when I say, "something for everyone." Meander over, stroll amongst the charming gardens, and then have a spot of tea. The owners greet you and I jolly well feel they've shared tea with a ton of guests. 

Lifestyle blog? Hmmmmm, what have I stumbled upon? Plenty, yesterday at Charms, so if you're a senior and you stop by ... life is a trip so watch your step.  Can't wait to tell you about Shabby Shack. Enjoy the parade of photographs. Feel free to pin, comment, hashtag, and share.