Kid At Heart

Lessons learned from Lucy.

Finally got my granddaughter down for a nap after a wonderful morning of make-believe, playing house, singing, dancing and basically anything she asked me to do ... (Lucy says, "Grandma, you be her, and I'll be her" when she wants to play with Anna & Elsa).

Don't take yourself too seriously.

Get down on the floor and play.

Go outside. Everday.

Have a couple of animal crackers.

Plan a trip to Disney.

Watch Toy Story.

Donate to "Make A Wish"

Move like a toddler... I dare you to try this for 1 hour. Check with your doctor first.

Eat dinner like a picky child. 

Don't just 'get in' the a cannonball.

Build something out of legos.

Be a kid again.

You be her.




Stretch To Grow

"Stretching leads to growth. Growth is frequently painful. But growth is the only evidence of life." ~ John Henry Newman


While reading about the physical therapy a young boy went thru after being burned over 100% of his body, I literally became overwhelmed physically. As he described his own pain/tears and the pain/tears of his therapists I became overwhelmed emotionally.

Here's a quote from his book about the motivation and lessons learned from physical therapy:

The therapists knew that stretching is never easy. It's unwanted. It's painful. It's hard on all parties involved and in all facets of life. It's not pleasant to be stretched and it's not pleasurable to stretch others. Yet the pain of today unveils the possibility of tomorrow.

Highly recommend another "one sitting" book = "On Fire" by John O'Leary.

Stretch yourself today. Repeat these 🍏Three Little Words🍏 all day ... while eating, while resting, while talking, while listening, while exercising and while doing nothing and everything.

Stretch your muscles and your mind.

Stretch your limits.

Stretch your heart.

Stretch out your walk.

Stretch your soul and your smile.

It's the only way to grow.

Grandma's Starting Over


It's ok to begin again.  I've lost over 30 lbs and 30 inches since beginning my "Grandmas Getting Healthy" journey in 2016. Then I stalled, got frustrated with myself and pretty much rode on my laurels for longer than I want to admit. I did work hard for every pound and every inch, only to realize it's pretty much a mind game. I need to get my head back in the game.

I've identified a couple of food situations that I CAN control.

a. too much wine

b. not enough water

Hmmmmmmm. Both "Three Little Words" I coulda used to name this post. But I can not lay all the blame on happy hour.

I've also figured out I have a couple of mind issues I need to deal with, as well.

a. stop looking back

b. think positive thoughts

And then there is my soul. Once again, 'three little words' and a couple of areas which need my attention.

a. search my soul

b. feed it daily

I recommit to begin again. Grandmas getting healthy, for the love of mind, body, and soul.

Grandma's starting over.

Care to join me?


Meant To Be


Some things are meant to be. If that's true, then we must conclude, some things are not meant to be?

I met a delightful new friend, yesterday. I simply meandered down the road and noticed a gal out looking at a trailer for sale. I introduced myself and did a 30-second commercial on our trailer park. 

We talked for over an hour, exchanged numbers, and vowed to stay connected whether or not she buys in our park.

I believe our encounter was meant to be.

I read a study recently (can't remember where but I swear I'm not making this up) that went something like this;

It was a 20 year study on how long these groups of 60-80 year old people lived and the study compared the following components (there were more healthy living components but these were the key ones)

  • Never smoked
  • Exercised regularly
  • Ate well-balanced nutritious meals
  • Strongly connected with family & friends

You can guess where I'm going with this. The group that stayed STRONGLY connected with family and friends lived the longest.

I encourage you to find your "meant to be" moment(s) today. 

We were meant for community.

We were meant to be connected with others.

We were meant to be.



Rock 'N Roll

Life surely does not go always as expected. You can take that to the bank. 

We've had quite a January. We've been sick, we've been inside, we've been party planners, we've been taxi drivers, we've been Airbnb property managers and cleaning services, we've been iChatting, we've been walking, we've been eating healthy and taking names.

We've not been going to the pool or beach, we've not been reading or relaxing, we've not been sitting at the beach sipping margaritas. But we're hoping to fix that here shortly.

It's tempting to look at tickets to some of our favorites:. 

James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt coming this summer to Grand Rapids.

The Eagles with Vince Gill in Orlando this spring. 

I think we'll download some tunes or turn on Pandora... pour a nice glass of red ... and sit on the porch as much as we can for the month of February. 


Figure It Out


Remember the vintage Atari video game called Pong? I was terrible at that game. I could never figure out where to position my rectangle to hit the dang circle.


Same goes with ping pong. Or as Grandpa calls it Table Tennis... did you know it's an olympic sport? If I could just figure out where that little white ball was going to go, I'd maybe ... on a good day ... be able to score against Grandpa!  

Today we'll watch the NHL All-Star game. It's being played at Amelie Arena in Tampa and we thought about it, but then we thought again. We'll have better seats at Palm Village.

Hockey is another sport where you have to figure out ahead of time where the puck is going and when to get there.

I am of the persuasion that one can lose weight on any program ... but you have to figure it out.  Some are harder than others. Some are healthier than others. Some are a mind game. Some are  spiritual. Some depend on community

Honestly, I believe you can lose weight abiding by "Three Little Words" hence my blog title. I've posted over 75 "Three Word" posts and yesterday, I realized I duplicated "Take A Break" so I changed it to "Rest And Relaxation" and then I realized I had already duplicated "R & R" earlier.  

I guess a day of rest is pretty important!  

Use today to figure it out. Plan and prepare for the week. Pinterest some healthy recipes for next Sunday (Super Bowl). Get your mind in the game.

You've got this.

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is ... a great hockey player skates to where the puck is going to be!!" ~ Wayne Gretzy



Rest And Relaxation

It's "Choose Your Chair Day" at Grandmas Getting Healthy 🌴❄️

It's Saturday! We've made it through the week.

We've talked about, thought about it, talked about it, thought about it and talked about it some more.

Time to take a break.

Give it a rest.

Shut your mind off for a day. It's ok. I'm ok. You're ok. 

I mean, don't go crazy ... just relax in the work you've already done to get healthy. Mind, body, and soul.

Take in a movie and have the popcorn. 

Go out to dinner and share the dessert.

Put down the self-help book and pick up the novel.

Scroll instagram all day, if you want.

Create your own retreat and put some cream in your coffee.

Go for a walk or to the gym and strike up a conversation.

Get your R & R & R. Rest & Relaxation, & Retreat!





Set Yourself Free


"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." ~ John A. Shedd

Set your sail, unhook from the dock that holds you captive.

Our bodies are capable of anything ... it's our minds we have to convince.

Break free from your negative self talk. 

Things won't change unless something changes.

It's a mind game, and you can win it..

Stop saying ~ 

  • I can't
  • I'm so frustrated
  • I'll try
  • It's so hard
  • I'm stressed out
  • I'm overwhelmed

Set yourself free!.

Who's the captain, now?

Plan And Prepare


We (Grandpa and I) are planning a late August-late September month long National Parks tour out west.  We took a 30' motor home and the three kids down Rt. 66 in 2005, but we didn't get to see any other National Parks except the Grand Canyon. 

We are in the beginning stages of planning this once-in-a-lifetime trip. We're researching train routes, Airbnb's, boon docking, and yes ... maybe even RV'ing again. We're loading up our road trip playlists and kindles. We're scouring you tube for hints, ideas, recipes, and scenic drives. It takes time to plan and prepare a trip such as this. But the work must be done ahead of time to make for a successful vacation.

Same goes for getting healthy. (Everyday AND on vacation)

You may not have a gourmet bone in your body. Or you may be a foodie. You might lean towards international meals. You might like food prep days or once-a-month cooking. Maybe you're a meat and potatoes kinda gal/guy. It takes all kinds and this is where we all must agree ~ If you're trying to lose weight and get healthy you need to plan and prepare. 

This is my daily food schedule and remember I'm into simple, whole, convenient and cleanse days.

Nutritious protein shake with some kale or spinach thrown in for breakfast. 8am

Snack - Apple with peanut butter, OR hard boiled egg, OR raisin cake  about 10am

Nutritious protein shake with 1/2 banana or peanut butter thrown in for lunch. Noon.

Snack - Grapes & cheese OR celery & almond butter OR almonds & applesauce OR veggies & dip

I make 3 Blue Apron meals a week OR I fix a dinner according to the photo below (out to eat, too)

I do have a small glass of wine about every other evening and 3-4 cups of popcorn once a week.
Once every other week I do a 24-36 hr cleanse/fast day.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 3.12.42 PM.png

Think about these three little words,  ... Plan And Prepare!

Barring any unforseen mac trucks, I'm on a mission. A mission to see the USA with Grandpa, keep up with those grandkids, help as many people as I can (including me) get healthy and stay healthy. 

Get busy livin' or get busy dying' ~ Shawshank Redemption


It's About Time

Time is a funny thing.

I wrote, a few posts back, about how the day starts and the day ends.

Every day. 

Every morning, the sun comes up and every evening it sets. It's comforting and frightening.

We do not have all the time in the world, but we do have today. But that is all we have. And we all have it.

I don't mean to get all morbid on you today, but it's about time to give some thought to how we spend our time, because that is how we spend our days, and therefore our lives.



It's about time to;

  • Dump the junk
  • Plan and prepare
  • Count the cost
  • Forgive and forget
  • Smile and wave
  • Meet a friend
  • Help someone out
  • Make that call
  • Hope for the best
  • Change a bad habit
  • Live your best life

2018 is almost 1/12th over. 

Time is a funny thing.

Follow My Heart

I don't always know how to word these Three Little Words blog post titles.  I want you (and me) to let them simmer and soak into our lives all day long.   Repeating "Follow YOUR Heart" as you navigate thru your day doesn't have the PUNCH ~ so this one is getting the personal pronoun MY.

Let me encourage you and me to follow our hearts today. Your heart will not do you wrong. Your heart does not have anything to do with stress eating (that's your mind). Your heart will not encourage you to gossip, complain, or argue. Let your heart guide you in making decisions today. Give your heart permission to speak today. 

Grandmas Getting Healthy ~ For the love of mind, body, and soul!

What is your heart telling you today?

Is your heart asking you to change? slow down? forgive? 

Who is on your heart?

Where is your heart leading you?

Can you hear your heart? Maybe it is whispering?

I will follow my heart today. 

Guard your heart above all else,

for it determines the course of your life.

Proverbs 4:23


Celebrate The Victories


Celebrate every victory!

Celebrate each pound and every inch!

Celebrate in advance!

Celebrate everybody's victories!

Celebrate the days you stay focused!

Celebrate Mondays!

Celebrate good choices!

Celebrate new adventures!

Find joy in the journey and share the joys! 

"The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate!" 

"Throw some confetti in the air every day!" 

If Celebrate good times, c'mon  is not running thru your head all day, I haven't done my job here! 


Less Is More


We are scaling back.  Recuperating from the summer dubbed Leaving It All On The Farm, Grandpa and I still shake our heads and wonder how we made it all work out. Nostalgic feelings aside, it felt good to sort, sell, give, and turn the key on 3 acres of "stuff!"

Our 2018 "word" is SIMPLIFY. 

As most of you, who read here know, our eating habits are extremely simplistic. Besides my two protein shakes a day, we are a huge fan of Blue Apron's three organic meals for two, delivered to our door with everything included except olive oil and salt and pepper. Our pantry is lean and clean and since coming to Florida this season ... we've dropped stuff at Goodwill more times than we've shopped at Aldi.

We've discovered the joy of 'less is more' in our snowbird adventure. Besides curbing our potluck plates, we've tamed our budget, our political discussions, our schedule, and our leisure time. 

Let these three words take center stage today. Apply "Less Is More" to every area of your life.

Hint: Try turning all your hangers backwards in your closet. When you wear something, turn the hanger around correctly. After a month or so, get rid of anything still hanging on a backwards hanger. 

Hint: Start in one room, heck even in one corner or one dresser...think.... "Put it away ~ Give it away ~ Throw it away". (If you're going to eventually sell it... "put it away" means placing it in a storage container or box... mark it with a date and contents... and then plan your garage sale, or eBay schedule.

Hint: Instead of keeping every drawing her child makes in school, my daughter takes a photo of it and tosses it in the recycle bin. Grandpa had over 25 "Table Tennis" trophies we did the exact same with!

Go thru it all. 

  • Pantry
  • Tchotchkes
  • Memorabilia
  • Photos
  • Books and Magazines
  • Housewares
  • Knickknacks and doodads
  • Whatnot's
  • Facebook friends and Instagram follows
  • Junk food
  • Mail and medicines

 It's easier to think straight when the clutter is gone. 

Less IS more.


Speak The Truth

Let's be honest! 

What's your thorn in the flesh? Where is your achilles heel? What's your biggest downfall? Are you plateaued?

Mine is drinking water.* I know it. I admit it. I'm not proud of it. I try really hard. I fail. I try hard again.

I've got to be honest with myself. This morning, I read this article about getting stuck on a plateau, and here it is in a nutshell... but read it and honestly figure out where you are lacking. Speak truth to yourself.

1. Drinking enough water?

2. Going to the bathroom regularly?

3. Eating too many calories?

4. Eating enough calories?

5. Making smart food choices?

6. Sleep deprived or stressed out?

7. Cleansing/fasting?

8. Eating processed food?

9. Eating enough protein?

10. Exercising?

11. Following your plan?



Today I will tell myself the truth, and I'm going to literally measure and count out my (half my body weight in ounces) water intake. I can do this today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. 

I will tell myself no more lies.


Read the article here ... it's based on replacing two meals a day with protein shakes and intermittent fasting ... but it applies to any and all paths to weight loss and eating healthy.


Continue To Learn


Continue To Learn 

  • Learn to say "No, thank-you"
  • Learn as much as you can about nutrition
  • Learn to ask for help
  • Learn to lean into your passions
  • Learn to live simply
  • Learn how to set boundaries
  • Learn a new game, then play it
  • Learn to sit quietly and think 
  • Learn to memorize scripture
  • Learn to be on time 
  • Learn how and when to walk away
  • Learn a new hobby, craft, or skill
  • Learn your lessons

I could elaborate and give you my ideas and suggestions, and I will do that on Feb 8. (It takes 21 days to form a new habit?) I am going to fill in the above blanks and would love to check in on you and hear what you've learned. For now, take one or all of these and determine to change up your routine and branch out to some new beginnings. 

Did you know January 17 is called "Ditch Your Resolutions Day. 

Don't do it.



Grandma Does Nashville

Hello Grandmas (and friends) Happy New Year!

I have 3 questions for you.

1.  What are your health goals for 2018?

2. When do you want to start?

3. Do you want to go on a road trip to Nashville?

If your answers are; "lose weight," "right now," and “heck yes"… I’d love to help you.

Jump on the “Getting Healthy” bandwagon with me. We will go on this journey together… Grandmas (and friends) getting healthy! You owe yourself this!

Read more about the Isagenix way and let’s get started together. Here…is the best value pack

(This plan and the months following amounts to about $20 per day the first month and falls to about $10 per day the following months, AND your grocery bills drop dramatically AND there is a 30 day money back guarantee on all packs) 

Call, email, or text me your answers to the above 3 questions and any questions you may have.

The first five* grandmas (or friends) to join me on this journey (sign up with the value pack and stick with it for 6 months are invited to join me on a road trip to Nashville (Isagenix Celebration) on Aug 5-7, 2018. (Preferred Customers & Associates who purchase the value pack by January 28)

*I have five open seats in my van and I’m leaving from Michigan and paying for the gas & food-aka- Isa Shakes for the trip.  The event cost is $199 until Jan 31 (This event may sell out so time's a wastin') and there is a $75 off event ticket in your value pack. The six of us (girls) will  split the cost of 2 hotel rooms!!! If you can talk Grandpa into joining  you (with qualifying orders) I'll split your hotel cost with you.

ROAD TRIP “Grandma Does Nashville” more info coming soon. You do not need to become an associate to join us ... this event will be health oriented, motivational, and inspirational. Plus who doesn't love a road trip with girlfriends and a couple days in Music City USA!



When To Jump

I'll tell you when ...


No more ~ 

  • I'll start tomorrow
  • When I get my next paycheck
  • I'll start when they start
  • When I feel better
  • Monday

We are in double digits in January, folks.  

There is no more time to waste.

Today's the day.

Clear your schedule. Throw out the junk food. Peel some veggies. Order the shakes. 

It's time to jump. Right now.

Go for a walk to clear your head... Everything you read here at Grandmas Getting Healthy is to help you get healthy ... mind, body, and soul.  But we can only preach/teach here. You'll have to do the hard work. Decide to jump in today. No turning back. Do this for yourself and no one else or everybody else you care about.

Still not convinced? Read this gal's story and then jump.

It's time.


A Fresh Start

In my younger days, one of my favorite things was opening a brand new box of crayons. I still enjoy lots of color. I decorate with color. I instagram with color. I shop for colorful clothes and stock photos. I can't bring myself to accept an all-white-light Christmas tree. As an adult, I do believe that a box of crayons is my metaphor for a new beginning.

We're about to get our clean slate!

New Year's Day! 

Let's use these last 3 days of 2017 to ready ourselves for a new beginning. You know what they say? Preparation. Preparation. Preparation.  Well they don't really say that ... they say, Location. Location. Location. I'm changing it. Doesn't matter if you are facing snow or sun. What matters is, "Are you ready for your fresh start?"

  • Your goals won't set themselves. 
  • Your grocery list won't write itself. (Although there IS an app for that)
  • Your health won't get better on it's own.
  • Your dinner won't fix itself.
  • Your walk won't go without you.
  • Your recipes won't change without a plan.
  • Your 'before' picture won't become your 'after' pic without hard work and preparation.

Open your new box of crayons, smell the smells, feel the feels, and make your masterpiece.


Happy New You!



Life's A Dance


First off ... listen to this old-fashioned Christmas song ( while reading here.  My niece sent me this and said, "I thought you'd really like this song!"  Are you kidding me? I started listening and immediately time travelled to a small diner with a black and white checkered dance floor... I was jitterbugging with a soldier (it wasn't Grandpa, because 1. He didn't serve and 2. He doesn't like to dance.)

This post is about finishing strong. I still have a desire to learn to jitterbug ... and may just put that on my bucket list. No regrets.  

We're winding down the year. We've landed in sunny Florida and my 'to do' list consists of reading, writing, scrapbooking, walking, swimming, and getting healthier.  I think there's some wiggle room for ballroom dance lessons.

This week (between Christmas and New Year's) I will:

  • Set my course
  • Schedule my days
  • Plan and prepare
  • Follow my heart
  • Celebrate the victories
  • Speak the truth
  • Continue to learn
  • Live with intention 
  • Dance with abandon

You guessed it!  All "Three Little Words" coming your way in the new year.  

This is not a throw-away week. Get going, get moving, get planning, learn to jitterbug.

Life's a dance.