Get A Hobby

Happy Valentines Day to all of you.  I'm so thankful for the comments, likes, and that you've chosen to follow along. ❤️❤️

I'm chosing to fast and cleanse today ... I KNOW ... silly me! I listened to a video on metabolism and this will be, at the least, three more blog posts, but the jist of her video was revving up your metabolism.  

  • Eat protein with every meal and snack
  • Strength training
  • Intermittent fasting  

I'm a firm believer in fasting and cleansing and like I said, this WILL be additional posts, but for me a fast day is more than "not eating" I take it easy for the day. I pass on my "big" walk and just stroll. I find something to do to take my mind off food. I keep a cuppa tea handy. Whenever I think I'm hungry, I change it up. I pray and meditate.  

So today, I fast and pray for the finalization of the adoption of our grandchild Moses, who is still in the Congo. You can read more about him here: Before and Africa. And I'm scrapbooking all day down at our trailer park clubhouse (away from food). 

Make it a great Valentines Day whether you fast or dine out, whether you're single or with your sweetheart, and whether you start a new hobby or pick up an old one.

Love is in the air!

Let It Shine

We were all created to shine! Remember the old Sunday School song ... "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine?"  This song actually comes from a verse mentioned more than once in the New Testament.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. Matthew 5:15

I am a pretty early riser, and so when I wake up, I fumble my way into the kitchen and flip the coffee pot switch, but then I head straight to my favorite chair and turn on the lamp. I do not put a bushel basket over it to block out light. 

While snow birding, this year, we've had lots of company, with lots more to come.  It warms my heart to see light sneaking out underneath the guest room door. It means there is life in there.  A guest. A friend. Someone to do life with. 

Ever notice how the light always wins? Flip the switch and darkness disappears. Even the dimmest 4 watt night light overcomes the darkness. 

We were all created to shine. Keep smiling. Be kind. Think positive. Help out. Show grace. Love mercy. Walk humbly. Just some soul food for thought on this almost-half-way-thru-February Sunday morning.

I know this post doesn't have much to do with losing weight ... 

Or does it?

What's For Dinner?

This post may become a weekly series, along with "What's For Breakfast" and "What's For Lunch", but for now (while I'm replacing 2 meals a day with  protien shakes), I'm collecting and posting some 600ish calorie dinners on my Pinterest.  Follow GgH boards here.

It IS the question of the day, is it not? We (Grandpa-is-thinking-about-getting-healthy and I) raised three children in West Michigan. Grandpa worked at UPS so it fell on me to plan, shop, prepare, and serve dinner.  I'll come clean here ... I was not, nor am I now, a gourmet chef.  I like my recipes to have less than a 1/2 dozen ingredients and to read the instructions, I don't want to turn the recipe card over.

I rely heavily on the Three Magic Words for dinner. (Sign up for my e-mail list if you've forgotten them) And while I am a HUGE fan of my Isagenix shakes, I find myself looking forward to pouring a glass of wine and hitting up some new and fun recipes, at around Happy Healthy Hour. (formerly known as Happy Hour) Has anyone tried the new Fit Vine Wine?

I'm even expanding my ethnic cooking beyond tacos and delving into a bit of Italian and French cooking.  Mama mia!!! Oh la la!!!

Do you all wanna share some of your favorites with GgH? E-mail me links to your pinterest, recipes, or snap a quick photo of what's for dinner. 

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We're all in this together.


Out Of Mind

You are NOT what you eat!

We understand the planning and prepping and chopping and dicing, and thinking, and shaming and working and hoping which goes into losing weight.

But for a while, let's take our mind off food, and rest in all our plans and preparation. At least, until the first dorito commercial during Sunday's game.

You can bet those super players aren't doing all their work tomorrow.  They've planned and practiced all year for this. 

At this season in our life, Grandpa and I are doing a little wintering in Florida.  We (he) went to work everyday in the brown truck loaded with brown boxes.  He loaded, lifted, lugged, and unloaded 5 days and around 50 hours a week. So now we get to do a bit of r & r, setting our own schedule, and enjoying the repercussions of a job well spent. 

He didn't think about the job 24/7. The week-ends were pretty much free and clear to enjoy the family, sleep-in, read a book, watch a movie, ride a bike, plan a vacation, dream, or do nothing.

So don't think about weight loss 24/7. Put food out of your mind for a while today. Maybe go so far as to try a 24 hour fast.  Out of sight, out of mind. During a fast, everytime you feel hungry, practice getting your mind on something or someone else.  Go for a walk. Get out the brochures and start planning a vacation. Call a friend (but don't talk about food or weight loss) Meditate. Pray. Organize your closet. Give away your time to a good cause. Write to the grandkids. Make a photo album. 

I hope you have a restful and peaceful Saturday and a Super Sunday! 


Break It Down

Start small.

Start today.


Here we are in February and I've got good news and bad news. First the bad news ... 1/12 of 2017 is gone. Boom! The good news is we have 11 more months to get it right. Good news on top of good news is, February is a short one. The shortest. 

It's been said, "It takes 21 days to form a habit." 21? 28? It's pretty close, let's use February to jump start one or two healthy habits. 

I'll refer to my 3-word book I've yet to write, "One serving equals"  Let's break this down. All this involves is reading the label on foods with a label and learning portion sizes on food without a label. Pretty simple ... read Grandmas Getting Healthy portion size hints here.

Plan out your meals. Make a sack lunch first thing in the morning. If you must, tear open the bag/box and load one serving into baggies. The key to this, and it could change your life or your February, at the least: Never eat standing up or watching a screen. Take your baggies, sack lunch, one-serving-equals-dinner to the table. Start up a conversation with your dinner mates. Put on some Pandora piano music. If you're alone, reflect on your day or dream about tomorrow, but always sitting at the table, with distractions at a minimum. Try this for 21/28 days.

I did find these on Amazon, and I'm super excited to start breaking the frig down, as soon as I return from my morning walk.  I love the color and simplicity of this (the measurements are printed on the lids) and I'm thinking of getting out my sharpie and writing motivational quotes on them... just 3 little words... 

"Are ya sure?"  

"Don't do it!"

"For dinner only"

"Eat your veggies"

"Good for you"

"Go sit down"

Green is 1 Cup, Purple is 1/2 Cup, all the way down to 2 Tablesoons for the tiny orange one!  Brilliant!

Green is 1 Cup, Purple is 1/2 Cup, all the way down to 2 Tablesoons for the tiny orange one!  Brilliant!

Speaking of walk, here's the 411 on that; If you walk 10 minutes away from your home or desk, you  have to walk back.  Voilà -  a 20 minute walk. Park further away. Take the stairs. Plank. Find "Sit and Fit" on your cable guide. 

Here's my last habit hint for 2-1-17. Take note because I'm not  keen on mentioning numbers, inches, or sizes here.  It's not called Grandmas getting skinny.  But if you haven't or didn't, at the first of the year; weigh yourself today (preferrably in the middle of the day, fully dressed) and take some measurements, then DO NOT do it again until March 1, or never.

You will be amazed at how you feel after practicing these one or two new habits for a little 'ole month.

So go for it in February. Just 28 short days. The typical average and safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs per weak. Just between you and me, let's shoot for 10, we'll show February a thing or two. 

Break it down. 

Everyone wants to be at the top of the mountain.
Most want to be dropped off at the top.
Climb the mountain.
- Art Jonak

Just Keep Swimming

We raised our kids on Disney movies, channel, world, and kingdom. Their Dad (my mister and the grandpa behind GGH) would bring home a Disney movie almost every valentine's day for the three kiddos. Our original VHS collection sported almost every one, and by the time we moved to Pixar movies, well you can imagine the DVD/BlueRay collection. 

One of my all time favorites has to be Finding Nemo, released in 2003 ... we were almost an empty nest but the UPS man was still bringing home the latest releases.

In Finding Nemo, Nemo loses his parents and finds a friend in the scatterbrained, short term memory losing fish, Dory.  Nemo is thinking he'll never ever find his parents, but Dory encourages him.  "Just keep swimming"  When they meet the bad guys, Dory suggests strongly, "Just keep swimming" When they don't know which way to turn, again Dory breaks into her usual, "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming."

How ya doing, as we wind down January? Are you progressing? Did you have some setbacks? Is the good feelin' gone? Are you still in this for the long haul? Are you having "one serving"? Are you moving? Are you drinking water? Are you staying the course or have you strayed the course? 

At one point, Nemo tells Dory, "I'm never gonna get that song outta my head!" 

Let me be your Dory today ... 

Just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming.

This Is Hard

I will not mince words with you and will not sugar coat my journey. {sugar pun intended}

I'm quick to stress eat. Not stress eating is hard.

 It's hard to plan meals, grocery shop, fix meals, clean-up after meals, prep for the next meal vs going out to eat.

It seems the only multi-tasking I do some days, is fix food and snack at the same time.

I'm learning to plan, but I do not have a handle on planning out my days, months, years, or next 5 years. Failing to plan is like planning to fail. It's hard to stick to the plan.

I can start my day with a basketful of good intentions and end up on fb or at the sunset with the same good intentions still just that, good intentions.  It's hard to not want to change the world on fb or pass up a beautiful sunset.

One of my main reasons I started Grandmas Getting Healthy was to hold myself accountable.  I want to help you help me.  And I don't want to be in this by myself, because this is hard.

But it's not too hard.

I invite you to join me on the journey. Would it be too hard to ask you to "Like" Grandmas Getting Healthy on fb? Invite a friend, too ... doesn't even have to be a grandma! I would love to have you comment there or here about your journey.  

Check out Grandmas Getting Healthy on Pinterest and Instagram.  <<<----Click Or click on icons above and follow. That's not hard, is it?

I'm working on an e-mail list which you can sign up for at the sidebar. I'm also thinking about a fb live video chat which could work like a weight watchers meeting. THAT would be hard and kinda scary, to say the least.  

And this is hard for me, too, but I'm gonna do it anyway. I invite you to join me on my journey with Isagenix.  Check it out under the Products tab above, or my Isagenix website ~ even if you don't use the product there is a boatload of inspiration, recipes, and motivation there. 

I'll leave you with the January Grandmas Getting Healthy PDF, hopefully, February's will be out before Feb 24 and this quote by Annie Dillard:

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."

Grandmas Getting Healthy Jan PDF

^^^Click the above PDF link for a printable/downloadable file.  All the links in PDF are clickable. 


Stay The Course

Let's review.

Is your mind made up?  Are you having one serving? Are you contemplating a short cut? Are you taking a day of rest? Are you letting go of old habits and bitterness? Are you moving along? 

How are you doing?  Need some motivation? How about some soul food?

There's a verse in the New Testament, Luke 9:62 to be exact, and it says, "Anyone who puts his hand to the plough and then looks behind him is useless for the kingdom of God.”  It references a farmer and I speak from my days of driving a tractor in the 70's. Whether it was a disk, a plough, or a planter, once I set out down the field, I'd find something at the end of the row to fix my eyes on. Sometimes a tree, more often than not, a small fence post.  But once I got started (especially with the first swath thru) I couldn't take my eyes off the target tree/post. If I turned around I'd lose my focus or, at the least, make some pretty crooked rows. If I daydreamed, turned to tune the radio station, or waved to a friend on the county road, I'd always have a hard time finding my fence post again.

Staying the course is paramount to losing weight, restoring the soul, and renewing the mind. Sometimes it's a minute by minute mind game. Dig deep, practice, make strides, even if your fence post seems far away. 

Put your hand to the plough, don't look back and stay the course.  Remember, tomorrow you get a day of rest. 

God bless you.


Peace Of Mind

Our tagline at Grandmas Getting Healthy is "For the love of mind, body, and soul"  

Think about it for a minute. All three components in this amazing trifecta are interwoven and yet separate. Like an egg ... shell, yoke and the white part {hmmm why didn't the white of an egg get a name?}

One but three. Three in one. 

We've been posting alot about the body, so today, let's talk about the mind. It all comes down to, choices, does it not?  Your mind is where it all starts.  

You chose to get up and get dressed this morning.

You chose to read here.

You will choose what to have for lunch.

How do we choose to get in the right mind set for getting our minds, bodies, and souls healthy?

Talk to yourself. Say, "I can make it thru this day without a dessert."  "I can make it another hour, before I open the fridge." 

Think about it. When you think you're hungry, think, maybe I'm just thirsty. Choose to go for a walk or find a task to complete. Say to yourself, "If I'm still hungry when I get back from walk/finish task, I'll revisit eating." 

Prepare ahead.  Make the choices easier.    Prep lunch and dinner right after eating a healthy breakfast.  When I'm not having a shake for lunch I actually prepare a bag lunch like I'm going to school, work, or the beach.  When it's lunch time, it's so much easier NOT to make a bad choice.

Plan on it. We're going to eat. We have to eat. You plan a vacation, no? You plan out a budget, no? You plan on living a long healthy life? Plan healthy meals. You're going to eat. You have to eat.

Get serious with yourself. I've introduced the Isagenix program to a few people and I always say, "Make sure you're ready to commit." Don't join the gym, hoping it will help you make better choices. You really only have 3 choices here.

1. Don't join the gym.

2. Join the gym and don't go to the gym.

3. Join the gym and go to the gym.

Don't waste your time and money on a gym membership, or meal replacement drinks, until you've made the decision to get healthy.

Here's an idea.

Give yourself two days.  On the first day, go ahead and eat whatever you want. Give into the cravings. Knock yourself out, and at the end of that day see how you feel. The second day you will eat healthy meals and snacks, drink tons of water, and even go for a power walk. Compare how you felt at the end of each day.  I actually did this before starting with Isagenix on Sept 5 & 6, 2016.  It worked for me.

Make up your mind.




Are There Shortcuts?

Yes, and no! Mostly, no.

This grandma opted for a right masectomy in 2013. I tell you what, when you hear the words "breast cancer" head in your direction... you want it gone.  At that time in my life, I was not even close to eating healthy or whole, not too mention macrobiotic. Did I want to take the long, hard process of getting on the slow train of healthy eating to rid myself of a less than 2cm lump with surrounding questionable areas? The lump biopsied cancerous.  I didn't even wait to have the questionable areas biopsied.

I chose the short cut ... take it out or take it off.

Six weeks post op, the prognosis from the oncologist was indeed the lesser of all the cancer treatment evils. I did not need radiation, I did not need chemotherapy, but I was highly encouraged to take the hormone blocker Letrozole for five years. My burden to bear side effects: weight gain and bone density deterioration.

Hello Shaklee vitamins, winters in Florida, a treadmill, a pretty healthy diet and weight gain.

I needed a shortcut. 

Enter Isagenix. 

In September of 2016 I started with an Isagenix nutritional package: two shakes a day, a sensible dinner and 4 cleanse/fast days a month. 18 lbs and 30 inches later, I'm still on the program and I will tell you why.

It's not the weight loss, or even the inches (although I'm thrilled) it's how I feel! I've lost almost all sweet and salty cravings, I'm hardly ever hungry, and I feel like I could conquer the world. I used to nap every day, and cleaning up the kitchen gave me a lower back ache. Now I power nap (15 min) about once a week and I can clean with enough energy left over to redecorate or repaint a whole house. I had trouble getting off the couch and Facebook. Now I walk everyday and my favortie thing to do on the computer is iChat with grandkids.

I wanted to share this part of my story with you because I want to encourage you on this journey.  I am a firm believer in eating less, but I'm also keenly aware that overeating is not how we all got here. I'm not suggesting that eating healthy will cure a cancer or blaming the food industry for all our pounds, BUT somehow, somewhere along the line we got our digestive systems whacked out and it is a long and hard road back. 

So is Isagenix a short cut? Yes and no! Mostly, no.  It's a whole new mindset. It's a cleansing syseten to remove toxins. It's a nutritional replacement drink. And it's just what I needed to get this grandma healthy, so I wanted to share with you.


Let It Go

My grandaughter's favorite movie is Frozen. And now you'll have Idina Menzel's voice in your head the rest of the day.

The meal replacement and nutrition company I'm using calls losing weight "releasing pounds."

Counselors almost always counsel on moving forward and not getting stuck in the past.

Stress eating may be the number one reason Americans eat, on average, 1/4 to 1/2 a pound of sugar a day.

This article by Jennifer Regan asks, "Would you eat 22 packets of sugar? Then why do you drink the eqivalent in your can of soda?  Not So Sweet.

Could you let go of added sugar? Think about it. Go back and read the above mentioned article. Also, the Netflix documentary "That Sugar Film" will get you thinking about giving up on sugar.

Here at Grandmas Getting Healthy we're all about taking steps, even if they're baby steps. So pick one thing this week. Let go of soda pop? Let go of chips? Let go of fruit juice? Let go of the doughnut? Step away from the ice cream? Bread? Cookies? Crackers? Salad dressing? 

On your mark, get set ... let it go.

While you're at it, make a decision to let go of a bad habit (ei: stress eating) and some old bitterness or grudges. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.




Day Of Rest

When one lives south in the winter months, one may or may not lose all track of: 

  • what day it is
  • what time of day it is
  • what month it is
  • what season it is

The work-a-day world has it's Mondays, Hump days, and TGIFridays, but Sunday has a whole different feel.  I believe it's a universal feel.

Take today to reflect and relax.  

When I was losing weight with Weight Watchers, my mentor told me, "one day a week, give yourself a sensible  break.  Don't go crazy ... just take a break from being too hard on yourself.

When I thought I was an interior designer (more on all the jobs I've had later) my mentor told me, "In every room, on every wall, the eye needs a place to rest."

Keep drinking water, lots and lots of water. Keep having one serving.  Walk leisurly and find some coffee or roses to smell.  Encourage yourself.  You've worked hard this week so take a break from some of the less urgent rules. When you have a day off of work you don't quit breathing.  So do the important things, but use some self control to give your mind, body, and soul a rest.

Slow down, sit down, limit your words and screen time. Read a book, play a quiet game, go to church, watch the sunset.

God even rested on the 7th day.

One Serving Equals

We want Grandmas Getting Healthy to be your go-to blog for motivation, inspiration, and fresh ideas for getting and staying healthy in your mind, body, and soul.  We want you to be reading here at the end of 2017, so we're going to hit weight loss topics hard for the rest of the month, because y'all know the old saying, "Strike while the iron's hot" (gonna have to google where that saying comes from, sounds kinda harsh.) So at the risk of repeating, how ya doin' with One Serving Equals?

Guidelines for restaurants and when you're out and about without your measuring cups.

  • Your fist is equal to about one cup or one medium fruit
  • Your fist can be used to determine ... cereal, pasta, rice, potato
  • Your palm (minus your fingers ... ouch) is equal to 3 ounces of meat or chicken
  • Your thumb (from the tip to first joint) is about a tablespoon or one ounce
  • Your whole thumb is about one serving of cheese
  • Your index finger from the tip to the first joint is about a teaspoon
  • A handful is between 1-3 oz. Use this for nuts, snacks, chips, crackers, but remember you can always count it out too ... 

Here's a trick for resturant eating ... order what you want but ask for the carry out box right as you place your order. Divide your meal in 1/2 as soon as you receive it ... Voilà ... Saturday's lunch! 

So the phrase "Strike While The Iron's Hot" = This adage alludes to the blacksmith's forge and was coined in the 1300's.  If you want to change your eating habits, think differently about something, become a more positive person or basically, work at the New Year's resolutions ... strike while the iron's hot ... you can remake and remold even steel and stubborness.


Perspective ~ L to R ~  lime, medium apple, large apple

Perspective ~ L to R ~  lime, medium apple, large apple

Let's Get Going

The speed limit in our mobile home park is 10 MPH.  I'm a freakin' speed nazi when someone goes by our place at 25 MPH.  You hardly have to have your foot on the gas pedal to go 10 MPH. 

But you are moving. This post is to help you get going.  If you can only do one thing right now do "One Serving Equals" Anybody know what one serving of ice cream is?  That's right ... 1/2 cup.  Do any of us know what a 1/2 cup of ice cream looks like?  Hardly worth it, I KNOW!  

So let's say you're way advanced beyond me and you've moved on to strawberries and greek yogurt for dessert.  Still ... you have to have one serving. Check the labels.  Have one serving, Count your chips out. Even if you have a 2nd helping, have one serving for the first helping and have one serving for the 2nd helping.  In case you can't do math, that's one cup of ice cream.  Do any of us REALLY know what one cup of ice cream looks like?

You can do it ... set yourself a goal for a one week. One serving equals. We can't all go fast.  But we can all go. Even if it's 10 MPH.



For The Love

I going to let you in on a little more about the grandma behind Grandmas Getting Healthy.

I used to be a wedding photographer, actually, I used to be a lot of things.  I used to be thin. I used to be judgmental. I used to be fearful. I used to be young. I used to be negative. I used to be a republican. You kinda get my drift.

But now I'm a grandma and I want to be around to dance at their weddings and hold their children in my rocking chair.

They are the loves of my life... Lilly, Max, Moses, Calvin, and Lucy far. When I started Grandmas Getting Healthy my daughters suggested the title "For The Love" cuz I say that a lot.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have 2 daughters, 1 son, 2 son-in-laws, and a daughter-in-law. I really really like/love all of them, but dang it, I absolutely LOVE being a grandma! Love it.

So I'm gonna do everything in my power to be present in their lives. I'm gonna pray for them, play with them, read to them, write them letters, tease them, host them, and love them without limits.

Think about it ... who and what is your motivation?  How do you complete this sentance, "For the love of...?

 For the love of those kiddo's, I'm getting and staying healthy ... mind, body, and soul! 



Mind = Think positive

Body = One serving equals (see previous post)

Soul = A chapter a day in Proverbs

Happy New Year

If I wrote a weight loss book it would contain three words.

In 1996, we took our family to Disney World and I weighed 130lbs. I wanted to take a photo with Minnie Mouse and title it, in the scrapbook, Minnie & Skinny.  How silly of me.

By the early 2000's I had landed at about 155lbs, (I'm only 5'4") so I joined Weight Watchers. Back then, I reached my goal weight in 6 weeks and became a weight wathers leader and eventually, an area manager.

But life happens and you can do the math.  My weight fluctuated for nearly 20 years, with a little help from Oprah, The South Beach diet, and Trim Healthy Mama.

So welcome to my 2017 world. Just recently, (Sept 2016) I embarked on a couple months with the nutritious food program, Isagenix, and I'm almost back to the year 2000 weight number.

I'm fixin' to stay with Isagenix (a shake for breakfast & lunch, then a sensible dinner, including a couple of cleanse days) not so much for the weight loss, but for how good I feel.  I sincerely believe the cleansing is key, and I'll go into that in another post.  E-mail me, I can help you get started in about 1/2 hr.

But for now, I leave you with those three little words.  The words which help me eat that sensible dinner.  The three little words that could change your life.  The three little words that could easily be your New Years resolution.  The three little words which would be the entirety of my weight loss book if I wrote one.

Are you ready? Get set. Here ya go ... my gift to you for reading here.

One Serving Equals

Creative Memories

This magnetic board holds our 5 precious grandchildren.  Their stories (albums) will follow.

But for now, I've arranged the "old" Creative Memories books in chronological order and attacked the stack of boxes.


These books were completed pre-2006.  They represent the early years.  I laid aside scrapbooking in 2006.

But I'm baaaaaaaaack.


For approximately the past week, I've been in another world. Oh, always hovering slightly over the present, but mainly reliving 61 or so years in my minds eye. My loyal comrade, assistant, and memory jogger has been the brilliant and more often than not, not so brilliant photograph(s).

I started with 36 photo boxes and 4 or so tubs of memorabilia. I am down to 12 chronologially sorted photo boxes. I have a give-a-way tub with 4 sibling and 3 children envelopes. (They'll get their albums and mine when I'm gone). There is one tub left of memorabilia ... organized by project ... weddings, plays, musicals, camps, paris, young americans, grand canyon, etc. etc. etc.

I even started an album for our grandchildren, after all, our first "grandparent day" will be here before you know it.

I'm pretty much patting myself on the back because I'm all the way up to 2006, when everything in our world went digital. Thank goodness for the digital age, because I have 6 paper grocery bags out by the garbage, filled to overflowing with blurry duplicates and even some unrecognizable faces and places.

Shutterfly, a trusty slide-to-jpg converter, and I will tackle 2006-2016 at another time.

What goes around comes around ... I am once again a consultant with Creative Memories. 

Click on "Albums" in the header  to get started on your stash of photographs. 

Coming up next:

Steps to Sanity with your Stash


Mobile Home Living

1. Keep it simple: Take out the clutter, have nothing you don't absolutely love and stop bringing things from the north. (preachin' to the choir, here)

2. Use what you have: Wicker cart becomes a outdoor movable bar

3. Lipstick and rouge: This mobile home was built in the 60's ... it has an updated kitchen, wood floors and new windows, but every thing else is paint and more paint!

4. Be friendly: We love our neighborhood and neighbors.  But ya gotta get out there and socialize. Smile and wave. Make a meal for someone. Meet up for coffee and happy hour. Stay positive. Be happy.

5. Remember When: Most of our decor is our reminiscing.  Family photos, a bunting made out of our old t-shirts, artwork from a vedor on the Sienne River in Paris, and most importantly ~ an open door policy for making new memories.  

6. Balance The Scale: Scale down. You're cookin' for two or less now. I love my mini-salad spinner and 32" TV is the new "big screen" Less is more. 

Stop Motion

Wedding & Market Season is open

Check out some new stop motion videos on our sidebar --------->

All photographs and videos courtesy of Stories Photography and Jennifer Grace Photography.  

Now accepting summer and fall 2016 and 2017 markets and weddings. Specializing in rustic, home, and destination wedding photography and planning.




Stories Photography

Jennifer Grace Photography


Grey Barn Occasions

No extra travel fees in Michigan and Indiana. No extra travel fees in Florida (until April 30)

MARKETEERS ~ We have photographed for the following markets and popup sales.  Let's talk.

Hobnob Market Danville, IL  

Born In The Barn Cissna Park, IL

Savvycityfarmer Dundee, IL

Main Street Market Rockford IL 

Brocante Market

Sittin' by the dock of the bay area.

Sittin' in the morning sun... I'll be sittin' when the evening comes.

This is Stories Photography 2nd year of whiling away the winter time in the sunshine state. Last year we turned our blog into more of a lifestyle blog ... mainly to get our photography foot in the door with some of the locals, here in West Central Florida.  You can check out past posts ... but whatever you do ... set your reminders to February 6 & 7 for St Pete's Brocante Market.

It's a must see!

More pics uploading later ... now it's Downton Abbey time.  

Watchin' the ships roll in

Then I watch 'em roll away again ...