Get On Board


Are you on board the "Getting Healthy' train? Losing weight should not be our only goal!  You want the A train. I call it the IsAgenix route. It's a great train, you oughta get on it. 

Watch this short video about nutritious meal replacements and intermittent fasting and cleansing.

Then email, call, or text for more info. What a great gift to give yourself. Check out the "Products" page above or go to ($back guarantee on 30-day packages)

Join A Tribe

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We were created for community.

No man is an island.

We rise by lifting others.

No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

As you all have probably gathered (from almost a year now of 'Three Little Words' blogposts here at Grandmas Getting Healthy) I am an advocate of many different styles and attitudes for losing weight and getting healthy. I told my 60-40 weight loss story here and still believe strongly in the Weight Watchers Program. 

The reason I believe WW works is because of the group meetings.  I used to see people come and weigh in and leave, without staying for the community. I would see this week after week and then I wouldn't see them anymore.  I can actually recall faces and names of members who stayed for the meetings and reached their goals.

We all need to belong.  I'm inviting you to join our fb group "Let's Get Healthy" as a virtual online community where we can lift each other up, cheerlead, motivate and be motivated along the getting healthy journey. 

I'm also posting 30 days of "Three Little Words" on Instagram.  Give or take a few there are about 30 days to this holiday season.  I do believe, you can actually lose weight by repeating and instituting just 'three little words' ... try it for 30 days. 

Surround yourself with people who push you to be your best self. 

Join a tribe. Join any tribe. Join our tribe. 


This Is Me


What can 30 days do for you?

Give or take a few, there are about 30 days to this holiday season, and I'm fixin' to binge!

To binge or not to binge:

I'm gonna binge on Instagram and lay low on fb. Follow along as I post 30 days of Three Little Words ... My Instagram feed ... Grandmas Getting Healthy.

I'm gonna binge on the grandchildren not the gifts.

I'm gonna binge on fellowship not food.

I'm gonna binge on sincere scenarios not small talk.

I'm gonna binge on downsizing not decorations.

I'm gonna binge on seizing the days not stuffing in sweets.

I'm gonna binge on the family not the frig.

I'm gonna binge on being nice not netflix.

I'm gonna binge on togetherness not talking too much.

I'm gonna binge on sticking to the plan not stalking the wine cellar.

I'm gonna binge on the positive not the negative.

So yeah, 30 days of getting healthier and getting through the holidays. 

I can do this. 

This is me.

What about you?





Rest And Relaxation

Rest is a key ingredient to getting healthy. 


Friday evening we connected with some friends from college along the beautiful shores of Siesta Key on the Gulf of Mexico.

We caught up, watched the sunset, attended a short drum corp presentation, and then sat down to a delicious Hungarian dinner of Chicken Paprikash with Spaetzle. We learned of our old friends' life happenings and heard new stories from their friends who joined us (and graciously prepared the dinner).

We were honored to be included at their condo, the pristine beach, the Veteren's Day ceremony, and a most significant space in time, for such a time as this.

I mention this to urge you to get some R & R. Take a moment to live in the moment. You don't have to be alongside the ocean, but you do have to be intentional and persistent.  Inhale the good life and exhale the regrets.

Age humbles us, no? It did me Friday night. I came away refreshed. I came away with a renewed motivation to schedule more of these kind of days/evenings.  I came away stuffed with spaetzle and community.  I came away with new friends and their inspirational stories I will not soon forget.

I came away filled to overflowing.

I came away rested.

"They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and humble hearts."                                                 Acts 2:46 The New Testament

Wake Up Call


Do you remember your mom coming into your room during your teen-age years and hearing, "It's time to wake up?"

Maybe you're now in the season of life, where you are entering the room and giving the wake up call. 

Remember when the hotel clerk would ask, as you were checking in, "Do you need a wake-up call?"

Maybe you've experienced a life-altering wake up call. Mine was breast cancer. In 2013 cancer marched into my room and shouted, "It's time to wake up." Did you know cancer loves fat cells! It's the truth.

On a beautiful Tuesday morning in September, 9/11 woke us all up, "It's time to seize the day!"

Are you still waiting for your wake-up call?  Don't.

Wake yourself up from dreamworld or la la land.

Wake up.

Come out of your reverie of the good old days and open your eyes today.

Right now. 

Make a decision to not sleep thru the rest of your life. Do what is yours to do for such a time as this. 

You might need to lose 5lbs and you may need to lose 50, but you will do neither if you're sleeping. 

It is a decision and it's yours to make.

Hello, from the front desk, this is your wake up call.




Out To Eat?

8 ways to help you pontificate about portions and rethink your restaurant rituals.  Before I get into it let's talk about some phrases that typically describe our foodie fascination...  can you tell I like alliteration?

First off, let's don't confuse eating out with dining out. There's a big difference. Think about it.

And secondly  -  What's the first thing you think of when someone says "Wanna grab something to eat?" If the word arches or whopper come to mind it's time to make reservations at Dining Room U. 

1. Break The Chains

Step away from fast food chains.  My only exception is Chick Fil A's market salad or soup not in a bread bowl at Panera..

2. Location Location Location

Exit ramps are dangerous. Try an app that finds restaurants near you.  It might mean getting off of the beaten expressway, but therein lies the adventure.

3. ½ and ½

Order your meal and ask for ½ now and ½ of it in the carry-out box. Might cost you a couple bucks to split it, but you'll thank yourself later.

4. Splitsville

Share a meal.  Applebee’s 2 for $22 is a smart (littler portions) choice.

5. Nothing Is Free

Not even Red Robin’s bottomless fries. Better to hit up Olive Garden and the free salad refills

6. Stay home

At the least, cut back to once a week … if not twice a month.

7. Love The One You're With

Stop and smell the coffee/wine/aromas and enjoy the company you keep. Once again fast food is a culprit here - no one ever lingers at Chipolte, let alone Wendy's. Order a glass of wine and take some time to live, laugh, love. In France, it’s impolite to motion for  the waiter.

8. Spend More Eat Less

It’s a given… the more expensive the restaurant the smaller the servings.

Next time you head out, measure your motivation and make your dining out a meaningful occasion not a more-the-merrier ordeal. 

Check, please ... 


Not Right Now


I LOVE Christmas anything. I love the music, the magic, the miniature villages, the meaning, and the miracle of Christmas. When the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, I'm ready to tune Pandora and my playlist to Christmas. But some in my life are not as enthusiastic so I try to restrain myself. I literally have to say to myself, as I head to the attic to pull down the boxes... 

Not right now. It's a mind game with me. Can I wait until Thanksgiving? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. 

Getting healthy (especially as we age) IS a total mind game.  Get your head in the  game. A Dave Ramsey money course mantra is: "Tell your money where to go"

We must tell ourselves how to respond to food.  Talk to yourself.

Set some boundaries for yourself.  Listen to your body and when you mindlessly head to frig... stop yourself and ask, "Am I hungry?"

Not right now.

Last night, at halloween with the grandkids, I was the designated candy-passer-outter.  Every single time the cutie pie ghosts and super heros walked away with their loot, I told myself,

Not right now. 

I met up with some friends for coffee a couple different times this week. Of course, the barista asked, "Would you like bread, cookie, muffin, or pumpkin spice anything with that?" 

Not right now.

When the waitress comes around and asks, "Would you like to see a dessert menu...?"

Not right now.

When traveling, and your partner in crime wants to stop for snacks...

Not right now. 

While you're making and baking and feel like starting a bit early on happy hour...

Not right now.

After Thanksgiving dinner and the pie comes out... 

Not right now.

Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. Find yourself some accountability. There's a ton of groups but we'd love you to join us at "Let's Get Healthy

Right now ... (see what I did there?)

30 days has November, April, June yadda, yadda!!  It's November 1. Go for it.  Set your mind to push back on a couple things this month. Carbs, wine, anything pumpkin spicy, and desserts!! .  It's just one short month. 

You can do this. One day at a time. If you feel discouraged ... talk to yourself. Don't wallow in past failures. 

Not right now.

Feel like giving up?

Not right now.




Pay The Price

These three little words can be summed up in just one word:  Consequences! 

I wanted to title this post "Cut Your Bill" ~ Fantastic Four Grocery Shortcuts to Eating Healthy.  This title woulda played much better on Pinterest and Instagram. But then I thought about my audience repeating the "Three Little Words" all day and I think "Pay The Price" or Consequences speak to what we're doing here at Grandmas Getting Healthy.

I'm going to give you my Fantastic Four Favorite money and time saver tips, some negative and positive bullet points, and then my personal experience with the Fantastic Four Favorites.

1. Shop at Aldi

2. Cut out processed meat. Watch the documentary "Fork Over Knife"

3. Start a healthy meal replacement program. You know the drill here. Call me.

4. Think about a food delivery service. 

These four money and time savers WILL change your life. 

No more: 

  • meal planning
  • wasting food
  • "what's for dinner" questions
  •  skipping breakfast and/or lunch
  •  binge shopping when you're hungry
  •  meal planning, shopping, and decisions
  • traffic 


  • time for yourself and your loved ones
  • mental clarity
  • vitamins and minerals
  • energy
  • weight loss
  • balanced meals
  • dinner at your fingertips
  • scaled down pantry

These 4 time and money savers are extremely personal... and I still can't get Grandpa to eat an off brand of Raisin Bran... but I'm working on it.  

1. Shop at Aldi. Seriously ... I can have a cart full of groceries and check out for $60. plus you get your quarter back when you return the cart.  Now don't get me wrong... I love an afternoon spent at Whole Foods or Trader Joes, but I can't get outta either one without a $100. receipt.

2. Cut out processed meat.  Once again, this is my personal experience, but since watching the above mentioned documentary (i'm squeamish and I made it thru) I have scaled way back on meat.  What I still do buy is grass fed beef, cage free chicken and eggs, and I haven't found a way to have happy hour without my Havarti. I haven't missed meat and I most definitely don't miss my cankles! Is meat making us sick?

3. Start a healthy meal replacement program.  Like I've said before, I'm not going go scientific on this blog. BUT ... I'm positive we can't get the vitamins and minerals we need for healthy aging from the food we eat. In 1955 we could eat ONE orange for our daily dose of "C".  Today we need to eat NINE oranges to get our quota. Read "Why Diets are Failing Us" by Dr. Dennis Harper and Peter Greenlaw.  Start a nutritional meal replacement program not a diet.

4. Think about a meal delivery service. I've tried "Blue Apron",  "Home Fresh", "Sun Basket" and loved them all. 3 meals per week for 2 people is about $60, and I turn my 3 meals into 4 or 5 meals with the left overs. Everything comes in one box, packed in recyclable containers and can be kept on your doorstep all day. There are step by step instructions and in 20-30 minutes from emptying the box ... dinner is served.

This is our total grocery bill including all the above mentioned and Grandpa's Post Raisin Bran and his lunches (he's not sold on shakes ... yet)

$60 x 4 weeks = $240 (6-10 meals per week)

$3. x 14 shakes x 4 weeks = $168

$100 per month in miscellaneous Grandpa groceries

Grandma & Grandpa monthly Grocery budget $500.


Every credit card swipe represents 'time' you spent to earn that money.

Pay the price.

Every morsel of food you eat is deposited somewhere in your body.

Pay the price.



No More Excuses

Next Wednesday, November 1 (Global Cleanse Day) I will turn 62 years old, and I can give you and myself a plethora of excuses.

I'll start on my birthday

I'll start when we get settled

I'll start on Monday

I'll start after the holidays

I'll start when my SS check gets here

I'll start tomorrow

I'll start when I run out of excuses

But what if I had no more excuses? 

What if I started today?

What if I started on a plain old Wednesday in October

What if I started right now?

What if I clicked off of here right now and started taking the first step (or continued walking) on my health journey?

What if I had no more excuses?


It Is Time



Think about it.  Time is really all we own. It is ours to do with what we want. We can't control it, but we can spend it however we choose.  Time is a personal thing ... no one gets that 25th hour in their day. How will you spend your time today?  This morning?  This afternoon?  This evening?  

Let these three little words soak in ... IT IS TIME ...


  • It is time we stop letting the past control our lives
  • It is time we cultivate new patterns of thinking
  • It is time we change our mindset
  • It is time we gain positive ground with our health decisions
  • It is time to let go
  • It is time ___________________________


  • It is time we start taking care of our one body
  • It is time to cut back on sugar, coffee, wine, soda, carbs, second helpings, fast food 
  • It is time to hit the exercise road
  • It is time we breathe deeper
  • It is time we rest
  • It is time____________________________


  • It is time we feed our soul the good stuff
  • It is time we set some boundaries
  • It is time we get ourselves into community
  • It is time to strengthen our belief
  • It is time we take the high road
  • It is time _____________________________

Fill in the blanks.

Who Are You?

When this old world starts getting me down
And people are just too much for me to face
I climb way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space ...

I can't even begin to wrap my head around the events that have rocked our world in the last couple of months. One disaster coming upon the heels of another!  Natural or man made, it makes your head spin and can wreck havoc on your mind, body and soul. 

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors is;


I'm vowing to turn a corner here and change. I have always considered myself a "glass is half full" kinda gal. But am I?

Can I go a whole day and only speak positive words? Can I go an hour?

Who are you?

  • Positive or negative?
  • Giver or taker?
  • Doer or procrastinator?
  • Uplifter or whiner?
  • Walker or talker?
  • Commender or blamer?
  • Complimenter or critical?
  • Optimistic or pessimistic?

Take an evaluation with me today ... head to your "rooftop" place for a bit of soul searching ...  decide to change your attitude. Doing so can and will renew our minds, bodies, and souls.

It will change our lives.

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Philippians 4:8 The New Testament


Shake It Off

We interrupt this blog to bring you a brief commercial update.  

As most of you know, I have released some major pounds/inches, and gained a truckload of energy by following a very simple meal replacement program. I have a shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, a 600 (or so) calorie dinner, and a complete cleanse day (intermittent fasting) twice a month.

Just an fyi for you of what is in the shakes:

***24 grams of undenatured whey protein from pasture fed cows (not treated with hormones or routine antibiotics)
***Curbs hunger
***Boosts fat burning, especially visceral fat
***Maximizes lean muscle gain
***Active enzymes to aid digestion
***8 grams of fiber
***23 essential vitamins and minerals
***low glycemic index
***gluten free
***soy free
***nothing artificial

If I had not lost any weight, I'd still be doing this simple meal replacement. I feel great, have tons of energy, and my mental clarity is coming back, even tho I have 10 more months of the "chemo" pill. 

Our grocery bill has dwindled, and making dinner is a pure joy to me now. Ask me about Hello Fresh.

  • Shake off your preconceived ideas about "real" food. This IS real food.
  • Shake off the stigma of attending a meeting ... I'll be your coach and there are a ton of virtual groups to support you along the way. Check out and join the fb group "Let's Get Healthy"
  • Shake off the "I can't afford it" thinking ... who can not afford to get healthier?  AND there is a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Shake off the fear of "What if I fail" ~ Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?
  • Shake off  'old school mentality' and reset your mind, body, and soul!

Join me in October,  with a 30-day system* and I'll swap out one of the regular flavors (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) with a seasonal flavor (pumpkin spice, chocolate mint) ... the swap shipping cost is on me. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

*I can help you set up your account in about 15-20 minutes. Or you can set up one yourself at  25% discount for putting your account on "Auto-ship" which you can adjust or cancel at anytime.


Break It Down

"The only one to notice that a pattern needs to be broken is you."  

Think about how, where, when, and why you eat?

  • HOW ~ Fast eater? Slow down ... put your fork down between each bite. Start a conversation. Remember, your body has to break down everything you feed it.
  • WHERE ~ Standing up? Sit down. Make it a goal to never put one bite of food in your mouth while standing. Set a nice table. Shut off the TV. Leave your phone alone.
  • WHEN ~ Stressed? Go for a walk. Take deep breaths. Side-step the drama. Read a book. Get out of the kitchen and as far from the frig as you can.
  • WHY ~ The answer here is simple ... because you're hungry. When you hear your stomach growl your body has finally started to work on the fat cells. Let it.

Pretty simple! Break your habits down, figure out the how, where, when, and why and create some new healthy habits. Your digestive system will thank you.

They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit. 

October is just around the corner.






Circle Of Life

Going to link you up today with just the most powerful message from Mark and Angel {Hack Life} ~ 10 Hard Things To Start Doing For Yourself!   Read to the end.

The week-end is ending and I am the best kind of tired there is. Overwhelmed emotionally, physically, and mentally. I have come to terms with leaving my childhood home for the 2nd time in my life. 

I've packed up two households and worked tirelessly for a month to get this place ready for the final auction. I sat lackluster, on a barstool,  Thursday, as the auction house moved the entire contents of this old house to the shed. As my childhood and now the last 7 years of my adult life was paraded past me, I was not fazed. I felt numb... almost jaded. 

As I watched my daughters come to bid on a few trinkets from their grandparents household, the tears finally spilled, as my youngest started bidding on my mom's china dishes.  {She got them and her and her sister are splitting the 18 piece place settings} Time to feel the feels.

We simply must acknowledge the circle of life. When this daughter was circling the globe, singing in more countries than I states I've visited, I never dreamed of her wanting a "good" set of china. It's funny how we outgrow certain stages of our lives, and then embrace places we never thought we'd be. 

It's time to start doing these 10 hard things for ourselves, from the above mentioned article. Accept your stage. Choose your hard. Pick your battles. Throw dinner parties. Camp in a pup tent. Hike in all the national parks. Go to grandparents day. See the city lights. Listen to the evening cicadas. Watch the sunset and rise.

Move. Move on. Move up. Move home.

... till we find our way,

on the path unwinding...




Life Is Waiting

Life is busy.

Dad and mom sold the farm.

They moved to town. 

We moved them.

We are moving.  

We are having an auction. Tomorrow.

There is no TV or Internet.

Two families, two trucks, hundreds of boxes. Priceless.

After packing and unpacking ... loading and unloading ... laughing and crying ... my mom texted me this right before the Cubs started last evening, "Do you have a radio?"

No, but I have Madame Alexander dolls, Dept 56 Snow Village villages,  our first Macintosh computer, artwork my kids made in elementary school, 25 years of Springhill Camps' brochures, all four high school year books,  thousands of photographs, and millions of memories.

So, choir members, the lesson for today is threefold:

1. All our junk was once money. Stop buying stuff.

2. These days will never come around again. Live, laugh, love.

3. Put the phone down. Look your loved ones in the eye and have a conversation.

Life is waiting.





After The Storm


We've been watching and waiting as Hurricane Irma has pummled islands in the Caribbean, Cuba, and Florida.

And today happens to be 9/11. {Happy birthday to Grandpa of Grandmas Getting Healthy}

Into everyone's life the storms will come. Some will be stronger and more devastating than others. But all storms have one thing in common ... they will come. Some will sneak up on you with no warning signals like 9/11.  But some will have 10 day warnings like Irma. 



Hunker Down

Shelter in Place

Assess the damage

Clean up

The storms will not always be mother nature related. Disease, death, depression can sneak up on you or come out of nowhere and change life in an instant. 

We can find ourselves wallowing in the aftermath. This is where our choice lies.

Storms can and most always are a wake-up call. 

Where do you find yourself in the above mentioned storm category? I'm in "Clean Up" mode. I've been working it out quite successfully for one year. Have I had and will you have set-backs? 

Yes! A resounding yes. Damn you Irma and KFC.

But the stress eating was my choice ... and today I choose to get back in clean-up mode.

What you do after the storm is essential to your success. Maybe you've evacuated (checked out), maybe you're hunkered down or sheltered in place (no movement or momentum) ... or maybe you're assessing the damage (resolving and researching a plan). 

The storm will eventually be over, what will you do ...

...after the storm?


Help Yourself First

Sounds selfish doesn't it?

It's not.

When you get seated on the airplane and the flight attendants begin their spiel ... who do they say you should help first, with their oxygen masks? The elderly? Small children? Your seat partner?

They tell YOU to put your mask on FIRST.  You can't help others if you're passed out.

When our children were young, we had some friends who had serious struggles with their own adolescent children. Who doesn't? They were smart people who were involved in their church, their community, their business, and quite active socially. Often times they would come to us for advice on their wayward kiddos. Our strongest suggestion was put your blinders on to everything else except concentrating on getting thru the struggle with your family. Give up some social engagements. Get home from work earlier. Carve out time to discuss, lead, and lovingly discipline. Read some books. Get some help.

In other words, put your oxygen mask on yourself first, make your family a priority. Set boundaries and stick to them. 

The same applies for getting healthy. Put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

  • Set YOUR goals.
  • Change YOUR mindset.
  • Make YOUR boundaries.
  • Give YOURSELF a break.
  • Move YOUR feet.
  • Plan YOUR work.
  • Work YOUR plan.

 You can't help others if you're passed out or checked out of your own health journey.

Put YOUR blinders on and then put on YOUR oxygen mask. 

Help yourself first.


Are You Serious?

I don't want to go all "tough love" on you in this post ... BUT the question begs to be answered.

Are you serious?

We use the saying loosely when someone makes a funny or bold announcement. 

"We're moving to Australia" ... "Are you serious?"

"We're pregnant" ... "Are you serious?"

"I love/hate the new Star Wars movies" ... "Are you serious?"

But there's nothing flippant about asking yourself this question concerning your health. And in keeping with my blog title, "Three Little Words"  please feel free to change the wording to "Am I serious?" or better yet "I Am Serious!"

If you are serious, actions will speak louder than words.

  • I will get moving today. I am serious.
  • I will plan out my meals today. I am serious.
  • I will speak positive words today. I am serious.
  • I will abide by "One serving equals ... " today. I am serious.
  • I will drink more water today. I am serious.
  • I will take care of my mind, body & soul today. I am serious.
  • I will do this for me (and my loved ones). I am serious.

Are you serious?

red bridge.jpg

Tell Your Story


I was raised on a farm in Indiana.

I was a skinny little tomboy.

I left small town usa and went to college in downtown Chicago.

I met "Grandpa" and fell in love in February 1974 and got married in July 1977.

At this point I was still eating whatever I wanted and in a size 2 wedding dress.

Then I got pregnant 5 times and had three lovely little babies.

Life went by, and the babies grew up and I still ate whatever I wanted.

I lost weight and found it over and over again.

In the summer of 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After the mastectomy I was prescribed 5 years of the "chemo" pill.

It's main side effect is excessive weight gain.

In September of 2017 I began the journey of "Grandmas Getting Healthy." 

In July of 2018 I will be cancer free for 5 years, and done with the meds.

But this Grandma will stay on the Getting Healthy journey. 

Wanna join me?