What's Your Why?

Maybe this 3-word title should read, "What's My Why?" Because I can't really write a blog post on "What's Your Why?" now, can I? This is key to everything.

So here is my "Why." I am getting healthy because of my "why". I write a blog because of my "why" I wake up and get out of bed each morning because of my "why". 

When I was a young girl, I read a book and listened to a record called "Buzz Bee".  Buzz and his friends were the worker bees.  They went to work each day collecting the honey and bringing it into the hive. But they always wondered about what it would be like to be the Queen Bee, instead of a worker.  So they sorta went on a bee strike. In the end, they were only happy when they were doing what they were designed to do. Work.  I can still hear the storyteller's voice as she spoke the ending conversation between Buzz and his cousin bee as they ended their strike and went back to work, 

 "You know what, Buzz?", we're HAPPY!

I believe we were designed to be happy and that is my "Why" for 'getting healthy'. 

I want to be happy in my own skin. I want to be happy in the everyday. I want to be a positive influence to everyone I meet. I want to enjoy each and every sunset each and every day, whether it be from small town, usa or from the Grand Teton Mountains. I want to be happy playing outside with my grandkids or recuperating in a hospital room. 

I must align my actions and open my heart to my"Why".

  • Will speaking positive words make me happy?
  • Will helping someone else make me happy?
  • Will a long walk make me happy?
  • Will connecting or reconnecting with someone on a deeper level make me happy? 
  • Will having that 2nd or 3rd piece of pizza make me happy?  
  • Will buying more stuff make me happy?
  • Will downsizing make me happy?
  • Will a trip around the world make me happy?
  • Will becoming Queen Bee make me happy? 

Wha't your why?

Set The Stage

We are setting the stage to host a party at my childhood home. 

Just as with any event, there is work to be done. 

We, almost by accident, secured my mom and dad's favorite gospel group to come and sing a private concert for them. We've carved out a corner of the shed for the stage, and because we've hosted events here before we have some pretty fun props to decorate. 

The invitations went out, the cow print paper plates and red handkerchief napkins are ordered.

The stage is set.

Is our stage set? Are we ready to host our own "getting healthy" production?

What's in our frig? How about our pantry? More importantly, what do we say to our self every morning? At the end of the day, do our daily actions and words haunt or comfort? Who controls us? Who do we try to control?

As grandmas and grandpas, we're coming upon, or we are well into the third act. Time is running short. The shadows lengthen fast. 

Could we eat healthier? 

Can we plan and shop wiser? 

Should we speak kinder words? 

Do we carry regrets from Act I and II? 

Will we love bigger?

Time to set the stage. 

The End.


In The Know

"It's not what you know, it's what you do with what you know."


You can get a bicycle for your birthday, along with a manual, but until you actually get on the bike and start peddling, you'll never learn to ride a bike.

You can read tons of books on photography, but if you don't go out and take pictures, you'll never become a photographer.

You can attend writer's conferences until the keynote speaker knows you by name, but if you don't start writing something you'll never become a writer.

You can watch self-help videos and learn all about the psychology of your personality traits, but until you practice changing a bad habit, it will remain, just that.

You can meditate day and night and believe in all kinds of voodoo, chakras, and crystals, but until you make peace with yourself, you'll never be AT peace.

You can learn everything there is to know about Fat Cells 101, but changing what goes into your body is the only way to achieve health.

You can read the bible front to back, but until you pursue a relationship with the author, you'll never know the true meaning of grace and forgiveness.

"Be doers of the word, and not hearers only."  ~ James 1:22




Are You Stuck?

Windmills are made for one thing only: a mill to harness the wind that converts the energy of the wind into rotational energy by means of vanes called sails or blades.

We have a decorative windmill in our flower garden that has a broken blade. Sometimes, when the wind is strong, it will still capture the other sails and try to get our rusty garden ornament to do what it was designed to do. Turn.  So we stuck an iron shepherds hook alongside the windmill and now it doesn't turn at all. It's stuck.

What is holding you back?  What is causing you to be stuck? 

I know life can get in the way of living. Some of us suffer greatly when one of our sails is broken. Don't jam yourself further. Don't stick an iron shepherds hook in your mind and heart to hold you still.  Fix it. Move forward, gain momentum, and set a new course for yourself. 

One day I took a photo of our garden windmill and now this artwork hangs in my den.


Get unstuck.

You were designed to turn, dance, sing, capture the wind in our sails, and fly. 


Rev It Up

Remember the old children's story about the little engine that could? His motto, as he climbed the last hill to the station; "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."  And he did. 

Our tag line at GGH is:

Grandmas Getting Healthy

 "For the love of mind, body, and soul!"

And if you wanna rev it up, besides today's three little words, here  are three phrases to act upon. 

  1. Start talking to yourself. 

  2. Energize yourself.

  3. Take care of yourself.

Mind, body, & soul.

1. Start talking to yourself. (MIND) Be like the little engine that could. What your mind thinks will overflow into your actions. When I first ordered my 30 day shake/cleanse package, I wasn't sure I could or would carry thru. But I told myself, I CAN do this. And I did.  You can't go by what I say, tho.  Kinda reminds me of another old children's story, "The Little Red Hen." Nobody would help her go thru all the steps to making the bread.  So she just took it all in stride and did it herself.   I'm not here to push products on you, I'm here to be an example.  A product of the product. You're going to have to see for yourself.

2. Energize yourself. (BODY) Add protein, to your snacks. This prevents sugar highs and lows. Here's a list of snacks that I use besides my product protein shakes, fiber bars, slim cakes, and chocolate bars.

  • apple with peanut butter
  • hard boiled egg with a 1/2 c. of applesauce
  • handful of almonds
  • celery with peanut butter
  • turn cucumber slices into crackers~ spread with cheese or hummus
  • turkey and cheese wrapped
  • turn leaf lettuce into  bread for your favorite sandwhich
  • fresh fruit with a dollop of greek yogurt
  • cottage cheese with cinnamon 

Try snacking this way for a day or two, really give it chance (no chips, etc) and check your energy levels after day two or three.

3. Take care of yourself. (SOUL) Start out your day with 10 minutes of reading, meditating, praying, and/or journaling. Get some soul food in you. You were created in the image of God ... you were born to shine. You have a passion deep inside you... find out what it is and move in that direction. You are here for a reason, let's keep working at a healthy mind, body, and soul. Even if nobody else sings along.

You can do this. I know you can, I know you can, I know you can.




Let's Be Real

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.” —Wayne Dyer

I'll be honest here, I've been struggling.  Maybe longer than I thought. 

I let my mood dictate my day. I let others dictate my mood. I sweep things under the rug. I let my circumstances control the outcome. I work harder at other people's problems than they do. I procrastinate. I feel sorry for myself. I argue. I waiver. I sit on the fence. I worry. I repeat the past.

All of the above are physical distractions, mental garbage, and emotional hamster wheels. 

So today I challenge myself to:

  • Limit distractions
  • Take out the garbage 
  • Change the hamster wheel into a long walk
  • Not worry about what others think
  • Turn an emotional page
  • Let other people's chips fall where they may
  • Stay focused on Grandma
  • Don't look back, I'm not going that way

A river cuts through rock, not because of it's power ...

                                                                                                                 ... because of it's persistence.

Make A 180

Am I stretching three little words with this title? So be it.

I have a theory that we are all too busy and we all have way too much stuff. 

Stuff can suffocate us. It can overwhelm us and derail us. 

Two challenges for you today. 

1. Stop buying stuff.

I've found a couple of websites and books which have helped me do some major house cleaning and decluttering.

Becoming Minimalist

No Sidebar

Present Over Perfect

Simplify Magazine

2. Stop eating added sugar. 

True confessions here. When our kids came to visit in Florida, someone (who shall remain nameless) bought a giant bag of peanut m & m's.  From Christmas thru spring break, I had cut desserts out of my life.  My after dinner drug of choice was fresh fruit with a dollop of greek yogurt.  

The first time I stuck my hand in the m & m bag, I must admit they tasted pretty good. On our trip home from Florida, a few handfuls of m & m's, while driving still helped take the edge off. But last night when I mindlessly helped grandpa finish off the 4 or 5th giant bag acquired since spring break ... those m & m's left a bad taste in my mouth.

Make a 180 with me.

For 30 days, don't buy any stuff, junk, tchotchkes, or clothes, that will eventually end up on a garage sale or at the goodwill. {I did put an Amazon link to Present Over Perfect, so if you do buy the book, read it and pass it along to a friend}

Cut out added sugar for 30 days. You'll be amazed at how good an apple with some natural peanut butter tastes.

Turn around. Turn all the way around and start heading in the opposite direction.

Leap Of Faith

Every choice is a leap of faith. 

Spiritually speaking ... you can't really see God, but you can choose to believe there is one.

Emotionally speaking ... you can't really see love, but you can choose to fall in or out of it.

Physically speaking ... you can't really see the wind, but you can choose to enjoy the waves.

Intellectually speaking ... you can't really see a seed grow, but you can choose to plant them.

Relationally speaking ... you can't really see a bond, but you can choose to form one.

Nutritiously speaking ... you can't really see digestion, but you can choose to eat healthy.

Let's jump.

I'm not actually asking you to go ski-diving here, where you must take that leap of faith and put total trust into a silky thin parachute and it's pull cord.

Let's jump.

I'm not even asking you to spend thousands of dollars or special diets, fad foods, or completely change your way of life. 

Let's jump. I'm not even asking you to commit to a 30-day plan. I'm asking you to take a leap of faith.

Let's jump, or even just stick your toes in the water. I AM asking you to:

I do believe you will never regret jumping.

Take the leap of faith.  

"Sometimes your only mode of transportation is a leap of faith." ~ Margaret Shepard



Today's The Day

Well, doggone it anyway, I wanted to get this up on May 1. 

Today will have to do. It's all good, tho, because today IS the day. It's all we got. There are so many quotes, songs, and meme's about yesterday and tomorrow ... one of my favorites is the song, "Gone Like Yesterday" 

Today's The Day. Don't waste it or wile it away. Make a "To Do" list and do something. Just for today (I know we can all do this for a day) think thru every food choice. You will pay the consequences of every decision. 

  • Live it
  • Smile
  • Be nice
  • Stay positive
  • Start over
  • Say I'm sorry
  • Speak up
  • Go for it
  • Give it all you got
  • Stop and smell the flowers

So let these three words resonate with you today, all day.

Mark it down and remember, May 3, 2017 ... the day you decided to _____________________

Today's the day.

Back To Basics

For the longest time (may still be) "The War" with Kevin Costner and Elijah Wood was my daughter's favorite movie.  I watched it with her too many times to count.  I'm sure you've seen it by now so I hope I'm not a spoiler.  When Kevin Costner (Elijah Wood's dad) passes away after living dirt poor following the war, Elijah's mom and sister get the house their dad had bid on in a silent auction.  It's run down as heck and needs a ton of work, but Elijah sees it thru the lens his dad taught him ~ "As long as we have hope, there’s always a chance." When they take possession of the house, he says, "Lipstick and rouge, Mom," it just needs lipstick and rouge!!! only time he refers to her as Mom instead of Ma, a slight movement toward adulthood and, of course, the adoption of his father’s exact words.

It's amazing what going back to basics can do for your health, your home, your outlook on life. Really, do we have anything to complain about.

  • Start collecting moments instead of things
  • Take EVERYTHING out of one room and only put back what you absolutely love.
  • Clean and paint
  • Put on some rouge and lipstick
  • Scale back on the Starbucks, who actually needs a Unicorn Frappacino for almost $5
  • Put it away or give it away
  • Downsize
  • Minimalize
  • Fast and cleanse
  • Make a two week menu for dinner 
  • Get healthy and stay healthy

We just went 'fixer upper' on a trailer that sorta fell into our laps.  It took about $150 in paint supplies, and buckets of hope and hard work. 

It was a no brainer for us, and we're pooped but we feel like a million bucks. We understand a mobile home park in Florida is not the end all of retirement, but Grandpa and I attacked the project, went back to basics, and high fived ourselves after a week of rouge and lipstick with these results. 

Come visit!

PicMonkey Collage-5.jpg

May Day, May Day!!!! It's back to basics for me tomorrow. 

Encourage One Another

This will be a short one, because Grandpa and I are flippin' a trailer (not actually turning a trailer on it's side, but as in: buying a fixer upper for cheap and selling for profit ... hopefully soon)  We're cleaning and painting to beat the band (why is it hard for me to write without using cliches?) Maybe it really isn't a cliche, because I feel like I'm out in front of a huge marching band and they are fast approaching. 

If you know anyone that would like to winter/vacation in Florida, we have a

Trailer For Sale Or Rent 🎵 🎶 🎶🎵... more later.

I encourage you today to encourage someone else.

  • Build up someone who seems a bit down
  • Give out a compliment
  • Smile and be nice to a stranger
  • Make a call to just talk
  • Write a letter to an old friend
  • Ask someone about their children
  • Help an elderly person cross the street, load their groceries, or hold the door
  • E-mail, text, or facetime with a grandchild
  • Be an encourager, not a discourager

If you look for them, the opportunities to encourage someone will fall into your lap! Another cliche, But seriously, look around and go to work. 

I'd also like to encourage you to let me know how this blog can be more helpful to you. Leave me a comment, pass this website on to a friend. Like us at  Grandmas Getting Healthy Facebook page. Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest

And lastly, I would encourage you to stick with your health goals. make a plan, read some archives, take the leap, and start the program. You can order anything from a canister of shakes (14 meals) to a complete 30-day program with a money back guarantee. You order the products and I become your coach.
"Put me in, I can throw strikes" ~ Little Big League

It's almost May, and you know what that means ... one last cliche for the day:  summer's just around the corner. 




Respect The Process

7 days! What can you do in 7 days? Not much really. And yet, so much. 

In 7 days it will be May 1. A new beginning, of sorts. What if, for 7 days out, you decided to:

  • Go for a walk
  • Measure one serving on everything
  • Cut out sugar
  • Decide on a plan
  • Speak positive words only

I believe your life would and could change in 7 days. 

I love old things. In fact, I love old things so much, I just acquired a retro mobile home here in our park. It was scheduled for demolition with a brand new manufactured home to take it's place. So we, (grandpa and I) decided to buy it and go "fixer upper" on it.  We will stay in Florida a week longer than planned to give it some rouge and lipstick. We're gonna drink our protein shakes for breakfast and lunch, clean up and paint until it gets too hot, find a relaxing spot to have some dinner, and then do the same thing every day this week. I absolutely cannot wait to post photos of our transformation.

Give yourself a week. Just do something everyday. 

One Day or Day One.


Consistency Is Key

I've got a new logo and an updated website!  Took me all day and some major consulting  from my favorite content marketer, Melissa! If she said it once she said it 100 times: Consistency is key! 

Check out Grandma's Getting Healthy 

My Peach Mango should arrive today, so I'll let you know if it's my new favorite. 

My husband and I have owned six maybe seven cars in our married life, of which three were Volkswagens. My dream car is a retro VW bus that Grandpa and I could cruise around the country visiting National Park after National Park. We are almost to the point of needing to buy another car ... and we are leaning towards a VW {not a bus, yet though 😟}

This is not an advertisement for Volkswagen, nor is it a bash against American cars.  This is about consistency. When you find something that works for you ... you go with it.  Of course, we did the work that comes with maintaining a car, regular oil changes and maintenance.  We don't accelerate and brake hard. We drive the speed limit. Consistently. Consistency is key. 

How would you like to drop some weight, lose some inches, and feel more energized? I can guarandarntee that you will, if you follow a plan, cut back calories, and exercise. Consistently. Consistency is key.

Do it over and over again. Every day. The plan now is to exchange breakfast and lunch with a nutritious  meal replacement shake. Eat a sensible dinner, go for a walk, and do the same tomorrow.

And in the spirit of a good green eggs and ham rhyme;

Say!  I do LOVE me some peach mango shake.🍊🍑

I will drink a peach mango here,

I will drink a peach mango there,

I will drink a peach mango anywhere. 

I can travel and follow the plan.

I can have guests and follow the plan.

I can eat out and follow the plan.

I can follow the plan anywhere

I will drink my shake in Remington.

I will exercise in Bradenton.

I will follow my plan in Muskegon. 

I will walk (or drive a VW) anywhere, consistently. Consistency is key. 


Watch The Sunset

I'll admit, once in a while, I take the struggle bus.  It's hard to stay consistent, plan, prep, implement, exercise, tend to others, AND stick with the plan to lose weight.

As you can tell, another two weeks have flown by since I last posted, and I've MAYBE walked twice, but I've watched  a dozen sunsets and about as many sunrises.

One morning, during our Palm Village Camp (guests at the trailer), I sat with my 1-year old grandaughter. She had awakened waaaaay to early, so when I got up, her mom tag teamed me and I was happy to watch the sunrise with this special little one. 

For one fleeting moment, I held this girl, and wondered how I could have so much love for someone I didn't even know 14 months ago. I will never forget the feel of her hand in mine and then her angst to get off my lap and get the day started. Just one tiny moment in time, but a huge reminder to live life to the full, each and every moment. 

Grandpa and I have some pretty big projects and commitments coming down the pike, (of course, I'll keep you posted) so I scoured the archives for this sunset photo. 


We only have so much time!   Soon "Earth Days", as we know them now, will be no more. I'd encourage you to set aside some sunset watching time. 

  • Recalibrate mind, body, and soul
  • Work hard, and add some fun
  • Forgive and try to forget
  • Think before you speak
  • Put the phone down
  • Watch the sunset
  • Be thankful
  • Pray   



Are You Ready?

Like I said in my last post, some two weeks ago, I've been doing some serious grandma-ing and just finished up 8 days of loving on the grandkids.  I scoured garage sales for trailer toys. I visited the library and checked out 20 books. I begged, borrowed, cleaned, and prepared for their  spring break arrival. 

I thought I was ready, but I'll admit, I'm dragging a bit ... and it's just so darn quiet. 😍 I didn't realize how much work it takes to feed, clothe, let their parents sleep in, and pour out all my love on two littles.  I gave it all I had and I feel like we made wonderful memories but, this morning, along with the tired, there is a huge lonely. 

Are you ready to get healthy? You may have already cleaned out the junk food, signed off on fast food, and planned for the right food. You may think you're ready, but it takes so much more than a few physical preparations. It takes hour by hour commitment to read the same library book over and over again. Every day involves the same ritual.... get up, get dressed, eat, read, play, pool, naps, beach, collect sea shells, and control screen time. There's no slacking off when it comes to making the grandkids happy and healthy ... why would you slack off on your own choices? 

I sincerely believe one has to come to a crossroads. A decision needs to be made. Yes or no. Be honest with yourself. 'Fess up and walk yourself thru the whole "getting healthy" mindset.

Yes, I'm ready means;

  • Yes, I'm ready for the financial commitment
  • Yes, I'm ready to plan, prep, and implement
  • Yes, I'm ready and I will carve out the time to exercise
  • Yes, I'm ready and even tho, I know I may fall, I will get right back up and carry on. 

No, I'm not ready, is where you would add all the excuses.  

  • No, I'm not ready ... at this time.
  • No, I'm not ready ... it costs too much.
  • No, I'm not ready ... it's too hard for me to exercise.
  • No, I'm not ready ... I've tried and failed before.

You can't say, "Yes, I'm ready" and then add the above excuses.

I've been talking with a few people about starting a 9-day or 30-day meal replacement plan.  After numerous conversations and persuasive discussions, I was convinced they were ready to jump in. That's just it ... I knew they were ready, but they did not.

Are you ready?


What's Your Story?

Here's the April calendar ... with kind of a 'beachy' theme.  Starting on Wed April 5 thru April 20 we'll be hosting our kids and grandkids for spring break. I will try to keep up here, but I'll be on serious Grandma duty for most of the month.  

Try to keep up 😉😉!

I do post  family pics on my Instagram, if you're interested. Follow here: Grandmas Getting Healthy 

Also, at the end of this post I will add the Jan/Feb/Mar calendars ... all with clickable links.

Try to keep up 😉😉

I go 60-40 most of the time.  Have you ever been on the expressway and encountered one of THOSE drivers. You pass them, because they seem to be going about 40.  In no time at all, they come flying by (hopefully on the left, but sometimes they're in the right lane before you have a chance to flip ...                      

... on your signal).  

You set your cruise at a respectful 72, and soon you're tailgating that same car and they are back down to 44 and 1/2 mph.

That was me when it came to losing weight. One day I'm all about it. Oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch, veggies for am snack, and chicken the size of your palm, broccoli, and a small sweet potato for dinner. If needed, exactly 3 cups of air popped cardboard for pm snack.

The next day I'd drive 60+. Eggs and hash browns for breakfast, veggie snacks for snacks, sandwich for lunch, fish and chips for dinner. Notice a 'chip' recurring theme? I'd have 'one' serving of ice cream, followed by another 'one' serving of ice cream.  Both with hot fudge and peanuts.

Next day = feel guilty, drive 40. 

And so on and so forth.

This was my story, the day I led my first Weight Watchers meeting. I practiced it over and over again,  because my mentor said, "Soon you'll have to share your story."  She introduced me as a brand new leader on my 2nd day of training.  

I knew my story so well, I eventually became an area manager with a company car and traveled all over west and central Michigan. I also travelled to corporate conferences learning exchange plans, points plan, tracking and weigh-in protocol, all while driving 60-40 and thru the drive-thru.  My erratic driving eventually caught up with me and I had to start over again, sans the car and leadership position.

Then I did Atkins, South Beach, Nutripoints, Trim Healthy Mama, Grapefruit and Cabbage soup diets.

Try to keep up 😉😉

I finally set my cruise to Isagenix, but listen closely to a former 'been-there-done-thatter': You can and will lose weight on all of the above. Take control of your driving habits ...watch your speed, keep your eye on the road and stay focused. I stand by my 'three little words' blog and the title of the book, should I ever write one; "One Serving Equals" This plan (you can get started today, at this link) fits my lifestyle, my new simplistic approach to minimizing, and my favorite quote from my former weight watchers leader self:

"Everything you do to lose weight, you must be willing to do for the rest of your life." ~ Moi 

Now I drive a respectable, 65mph. (Literally and figuratively)

  • Shake for breakfast
  • Shake for lunch
  • Healthy 'one' serving snacks
  • Sensible dinner
  • Cleanse/fast once a week

This is my story, what's yours?

Jan PDF with clickable links  

Feb PDF with clickable links

Mar PDF with clickable links

Try to keep up 😉😉

Seek To Understand

I think we could all use a good dose of counseling now and again. Until then, my new mantra is "seek to understand".  Seek to understand ... mind, body, and soul.

Stress we can't control, will always be in our lives ... it's the stress we CAN control that invades our lives and is a huge detriment to getting healthy. The stress of personal relationships can be tough and I'm not sure this is even the setting for this, but remember, I'm telling you my story and what has worked for me. 

Stressful relationships can cause us to overeat/undereat and/or eat mindlessly.  They can also drive ya to drink, but that's another post. What I really want to say here is, "stop dragging people around"  a really good piece of advise, but kinda harsh. We have to live with people and we have to eat. Instead of heading to the refrigerator door when conflict arises ...  seek to understand. 

  • Change your thinking. Negative thoughts live in your mind, rent free! Kick 'em to the curb.
  • Don't invite yourself into the drama of someone else's life.
  • You are only responsible for your own words and actions.
  • Don't work harder on someone else's problem than they do.
  • Put blinders on, if you must, concentrate on fixing you, alone. 
  • Set boundaries. 
  • No, is a complete sentence.
  • Seek professional help. 

As some of you who read here may know, I've partnered with the health and wellness company, Isagenix and I am reading, researching, and devouring  everything I can from them.   My goal is not to lose weight. My goal is to get healthy, stay healthy, and tell my story along the way.   

So I seek to understand.  Did you know in 1955 you could get all the vitamin C you needed for the day from one orange?  Today you need to eat nine oranges to get a enough vitamin C.* (From the book "Why Diets are Failing Us" by Peter Greenlaw, Dr. Dennis Harper) Isagenix is not a diet, I'm drinking nutritious and tasty shakes instead of empty calorie breakfasts and lunches. I cleanse and fast once a week. I'm listening to podcasts, reading articles, and studying everything I can get my hands on. As far as mind and body are concerned, I'm an Isalifer.

This plan, along with my determination and resolute to get healthy, and some online counseling IS working for me.  

A couple of my favorite go-to counselors:

Danny Silk: "Keep Your Love On"

Dr. Henry Cloud: Boundaries 

Shauna Niequist: Present Over Perfect

Having trouble in a relationship? Seek to understand and maybe it's time to move on.

Overeating? Seek to understand when, where, and why and take some proactive steps.

Sick and tired? Seek to understand a new way of living, loving, and eating.

Read it again. It doesn't say "fix your neighbor" ... it doesn't say "critique your neighbor" ... It doesn't say "judge your neighbor" ... it doesn't say "belittle your neighbor."  Read it again. Does it not insinuate that we ARE to love ourselves? 

Have an awesome Sunday. 






Set A Goal

Once upon a time, my little brother received a bow and arrow as a gift. He practiced on everything in sight, as my dad came alongside him and asked a pretty simple question, "What were you aiming for?" Without hesitation, my brother replied, "What did I hit?"

I could list all the major weight loss companies and diets that have ever been invented and 99% of them would say to include exercise into your regime. As it should be.

I set an exercise goal for myself, back in September, when I changed up my weight loss pathway.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I started by tuning into "Sit And Fit" in the mornings, and gradually began walking when we arrived in Florida (no excuses for my lackadaisical midwest exercise regime)

This year we arrived on 12-22-16 and will leave on 4-20-17. I determined to walk, three-wheel bike, or swim, for 100 out of those 120 days. Tomorrow, April 1, I will reach my goal! Whoo Hoo! 👏🎉🎈🏆🏁. 

 Don't be blasé about your goals ...make them specific. 

  • Don't say, "I'm going to eat better." Set a goal to actually add something healthy to your meals this week, or delete something unhealthy. 
  • Don't  say, "I'm going to start exercising." Set a goal, measure your distance, and take the first step.
  • Don't say, "What did I hit?" Set your sight, pull back the arrow and give it your best shot!                     

Set a goal, and don't let the busyness of life distract you. If you're a hockey player, you don't dipsy doodle with the puck when you're in front of the opposing teams net. Keep your eye on the prize.

It's the end of the first quarter  ... are you reaching your goals? As I type, we're getting a much needed rain here in Florida.  Maybe it will be April 2nd or 3rd before I walk for the 100th day this snowbird season.  But rest assured, it will be before  April 20. 


Walk This Way

No, this isn't about the Aerosmith song, although it's a great beat for my walking playlist.

There really is no excuse for not getting moving (find "Sit And Fit" on your cable if you have to) Next post is called "Set A Goal" and I may even post two today!!  We're losing days in March almost faster than I can type!

Music motivates me.  Back in the day, when I would strap on the 'ole radio walkman and  "God Blessed Texas" or "Boot Scootin' Boogie" came on WMUS, I felt like I'd won the walking lottery.   Although the Academy of Country Music didn't think so, I soon grew tired of Brooks and Dunn, and now if  my playlist shuffles to God Blessed Texas, I take a moment and reminisce about my old neighborhood and then hit "next".

So this year when I arrived in Florida, I found a couple of apps that would play songs to my cadence, but they weren't necessarily "my" kinda songs. Here's my 3 step Walking University Course.  I'm positive you'll ace the course, but if you have any questions feel ask away in comment box on sidebar or below.

1.  Grab your headphones and go for a walk.  If you walk 10 minutes away from your home, remember you have to walk 10 minutes to get back. Voilà, a 20 minute walk.  Find your pace and your style of music. When you get back from your walk go to this website , replay your favorite song and the one that made you step it up a bit and tap on any key to the beat of the music.  TapBPM will automatically give you your "beats per minute".   

  • 20 minute mile = a BPM of about 118.
  • 19 minute mile = a BPM of about 122 
  • 18 minute mile = a BPM of about 125
  • 17 minute mile = a BPM of about 130                                                                                                      

2.  Next go to JogFM Click on this link for JogFm's walking music and put in your BPM. You can then filter by hundreds of genres. Here's a screen shot of my pace and favorite style.

3. Another app that motivates me is Runkeeper. If we are fb friends we can add each other and then we can all see how we're doing and make motivational comments.  You can also show maps of your walks and take pictures along the way. I don't mean to rub in Florida, and soon I'll be back to my boring treadmill and county roads, but this is the pic I took while walking yesterday. (With a little help from Word Swag

Connect with me,  I don't believe we can have too much transparency while on our "getting healthy" journey.

Hope to see you on Runkeeper, or out and about in Remington, Bradenton, or Muskegon!

Let's walk this way together.

Feel The Breeze?

It's finally here, the first day of spring.  

Disclaimer: You can take Grandma out of the midwest, but you can't take the love of the seasons out of grandma. So, even though this is coming to you from sunny Florida, I still absolutely love the first day of spring.

The winds of change are always blowing. Can you feel them?

You do not have to know everything about everything to lose the weight, renew your mind and restore your soul.  

Remember the three magic words?  "One serving equals" If that is all you can do today ... do that.

If something or someone is holding you back... let it/them go. Stop dragging things and people around. Set your mind to it. If you wait until you feel 100% ready, you will be waiting the rest of your life. Sometimes you just have to get up and go for it!  If making up your mind is all you can do today ... do that!

Think outside and don't put God in the box. Yes, the equinox in our little universe starts today. A new beginning. But this earth is just a tiny blip in the amazing creation designed for us. For just us... unless you believe in aliens. In this indescribable planet, the 7 billion or so of us call home, the design (and therefore, a designer) must stir our souls. Acknowledge the creator.  Enjoy the creation. Stop and smell the roses.  If all you can do today is breathe in and breathe out ... do that.

When I walked down the aisle of Tri-County High School in the spring of '73, to receive my h.s. diploma, this cliche seemed so appropriate; "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." It holds true today, March 20, 2017.

Today is another chance to make a change. Feel the breeze, set your sails and stay the course.

Hope springs eternal.